Valentine Treats for your Favorite Girls

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have started to reflect on all the people I love. As a child, I wasn’t terribly popular in school. I was nerdy, with brightly colored clothing, and books constantly in tow. I was never popular with the boys, which didn’t matter so much until I reached middle school, and the pains of growing into my skin began. It was around this time that my mother started giving me a sweet little present every Valentine’s Day. It was never anything fancy – a simple box of chocolates, a cute card, a single long stemmed rose, lip balm. When I would get home from school, disappointed that I didn’t get to tote around bouquets of roses with balloons and teddy bears like many of the other girls did, I would find a little package sitting on my bed. It didn’t matter what it was, but for that moment I felt special (as I imagined all the popular girls at school must have felt when they received Valentine candygrams and singing Valentines from secret admirers). Even as I grew older, more confident, and the lack of roses on Valentine’s Day stopped bothering me, my mother kept up this tradition. Every Valentine’s Day, even now, I receive a small token with a note expressing her love for me.

As much as Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love with our significant others, it is just as important to celebrate the love for the important ladies in our lives as well. Single or not, Valentine’s day can be a lot of fun if we focus our energy on our best girlfriends. To celebrate the beginning of February, the month of St. Valentine and all things rosy and lacy, here are a few of my picks for your favorite girls.

Valentines Day picks for your girls

1. Anatomically correct heart chocolates, 2. Great escape gold rings, 3. Kate Spade New York cold hands thermal travel mug, 4. Love bites gift set, 5. Geometric air plant cube planter, 6. Ciate paint pot in cocktail dress, 7. The Art of I Love You book, 8. Letterpress notepad, 9. Wildflower fern bubble bath, 10. Butterfly lace chemise

How adorable are the anatomically correct heart chocolates? And the handcuff rings. Or the love bites gift set, which is a fun way to make light of the day for a fabulously single girlfriend.



For most people, the word geek brings to mind a person with little fashion sense or style. These cute home and fashion accessories prove otherwise. Remember the little robot lounging in my tea featured here. Here’s to embracing our inner nerds!


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Or how about these technology inspired cards from Paperwheel? So adorable.

Geek cards

Sweaters and Skirts


(Source Unknown)

I fell in love with the sweater and skirt combination years ago when I saw the photo above. I was sifting through my files recently when I came across it again. It is such a perfect combination for the fall when you can still get by without full length pants but need a little extra warmth. Usually, I save my skirts for special occasions, but there is something so casually glamorous about the combination of skirts and sweaters. It makes skirts so much more versatile in day to day life. Inspired by the photographs below, I put together a few combinations of separates and accessories.

Maxi with cropped sweater(Inspiration Image Source)

1. pleated chiffon maxi skirt, 2. marc by marc jacobs cat’s eye sunglasses, 3. cropped knitted sweater,

A line with loose sweater

(Inspiration Image Source)

1. turning in tulle skirt, 2. merino tippi sweater 3. skinny mini asymmetrical necklace

Pencil skirt with sweatshirt

(Inspiration Image Source)

1. dazzling sequined lips sweatshirt, 2. black lightweight wool pencil skirt, 3. michael kors silvertone buckle bracelet

Leather skirt with thin sweater

(Inspiration Image Source)

1. mini skirt in leather, 2. sweet c’est la vie sweater, 3. leopard print haircalf clutch

Sequin skirt with Chunky knit

(Inspiration Image Source)

1. sequin mini skirt, boatneck cableknit sweater, elle shoulder bag

Happy Feet

Most people know me as a flats girl. I wear my trusty neutral flats every single day and save the high heels for special occasions. Even though at 5’4″ I am not particularly tall, comfort always trumps fashion for me. Thankfully, in the past few years, there have been more and more beautiful and fashionable flats on the market for occasions ranging from casual to dressy.

Recently, at New York Fashion Week, it was refreshing to see many models sporting flats instead of the typical sky-high heel the ramp is known for. Take a look:

Tory Burch Spring 2014

Tory Burch Spring 2014

Carolina Herrera Spring 2014

Carolina Herrera New York Spring 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2014

Marc Jacobs New York Spring 2014

Marchesa Spring 2014

Marchesa New York Spring 2014

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2014

3.1 Phillip Lim New York Spring 2014

Donna Karan Spring 2014

Donna Karan New York Spring 2014


Oscar de la Renta New York Spring 2014


Oscar de la Renta New York Spring 2014

Here are my picks for flats this fall:

Fall Flats

1. Haute of Doors Flats in the Sky 2. Sophie’s Flat 3. The French Knot Pointy Skimmer 4. Dune Longer Chain Slippers 5. Shiny Pointy Ballerina 6. Tula Flats 7. Collection Viv Calf Hair Flats 8. Floral Pointed Ballet Flats 9. Soft Side Oxfords 10. Daisy Slingbacks

Happy feet, indeed.

Candy Coated

With Fall just around the corner, I am loving the new pastel trend. It is like a little bit of spring during the cold and dark months.  Although pastels can be incorporated in any apparel item, I picked out a few of my favorite coats here:

Candy coated

1. Glorious Wool Oversized Overcoat 2. Rose Trench 3. Pleated Trench Coat 4. Linen Coat  5. Glorious Wool Flared Coat