Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving marks the first time my brother and I will not be spending with our parents. They are out of country on a trip, and we miss their presence dearly. We promised them we would eat a little extra on their behalf and Christmas this year will have to have double the amount of food to compensate for this. Here is to being thankful for family and for the addition of my fiance’s wonderful family to ours this year. 


Simple Pleasures

The last few days have been rainy and cold in Houston. For most Houstonites, cold is a foreign phenomenon. We rock temperatures in the high 80’s well into November, so this 45 degree weather is really throwing me for a loop. Walking to the train station every morning makes me wish more than ever that I could crawl under the covers with a steaming cup of green tea and my worn copy of The Great Gatsby. The dreary days have definitely slowed down the pace of my routine, and I find myself enjoying the simple things – slipping on my fluffy slippers; the slow return of warmth to my nose when I walk in the door; the stark contrast between the amber glow of my desk lamp and the moody grays outside my window; and the pause between waking up in the morning, suddenly very aware of the warmth of my feet, and setting them down on the chilled floor. Here is a list of ten things to do on dreary days (and not so dreary days too!).

Simple Pleasures

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Birthday Love


Today is the birthday of my fiance, Neeraj Agrawal.  He’s the type of guy that makes you laugh till tears roll down your face, brings you chocolate on stressful days, and goes grocery shopping just to buy a single vegetable. Happy Birthday to my biggest supporter, who still checks this blog every day despite the fact that I haven’t written in 2 months. I love you, Neeraj, and I can’t wait to be married to you in less than a year!

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Skin Deep

“Women everywhere should take heart. There is no sell-by date on the interestingness of a profile or the depth of someone’s eyes.”

— Andrew O’Hagen

Last week I discovered my first gray hair. I spent the subsequent hours combing through my head to find any other hidden silvers so that I may trim them so close to my scalp that no one would see them. Yesterday I came across Laws of Attraction by Andrew O’Hagen in T Magazine. This beautifully written piece explores the concept of beauty and aging. In a world where beauty is defined by a spotless complexion, tight skin, and gray-less hair, this piece is a breath of fresh air. At 24, I look in the mirror every morning and examine the fine lines beneath my eyes, wondering if I should change my anti-wrinkle eye cream to prevent future unwanted developments. This piece seems to put all that into perspective. I hope this inspires you as much as it inspired me to look at beauty differently. Here’s to owning my gray hair. After all, I have earned them.


One of those days…

It was one of those days yesterday. One of those days where I needed a little extra motivation to do what I needed to do. I wanted to lay in the warmth of my bed all day and stare at my ceiling fan move in circles.  A part of my brain was running through all that I needed to accomplish in the next 24 hours and had pressed the panic button; the other half was too overwhelmed to move.  I came across this quote in the latter part of the day and it was just what I needed.