Simple Pleasures

The last few days have been rainy and cold in Houston. For most Houstonites, cold is a foreign phenomenon. We rock temperatures in the high 80’s well into November, so this 45 degree weather is really throwing me for a loop. Walking to the train station every morning makes me wish more than ever that I could crawl under the covers with a steaming cup of green tea and my worn copy of The Great Gatsby. The dreary days have definitely slowed down the pace of my routine, and I find myself enjoying the simple things – slipping on my fluffy slippers; the slow return of warmth to my nose when I walk in the door; the stark contrast between the amber glow of my desk lamp and the moody grays outside my window; and the pause between waking up in the morning, suddenly very aware of the warmth of my feet, and setting them down on the chilled floor. Here is a list of ten things to do on dreary days (and not so dreary days too!).

Simple Pleasures

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Currently Lovin’: Pretty Suds

I am a sucker for pretty packaging. You could probably sell me an old piece of gum given that it was wrapped with some delicate muslin cloth in the shape of an origami crane. That being said, soaps are a wonderful place to start when looking for exquisite packaging. There is something so exciting about opening a bar of soap when it is wrapped beautifully. I imagine I am in some kind of Lancome Paris commercial in a gown not fit for the occasion, with white gloves gently peeling back the layers of one of these soaps to a prelude by Chopin. Here are a few of my Lancome-commercial-worthy picks:


Sencha Verbena Triple Milled SoapImage

Just Desserts No. 4Image

Earthworks HazelnutImage

Pop Ink Soap Clean Soles #2

ImageIzola soap


Shea Butter Soap – Milk and HoneyImage

Rose and Chamomile Lotus SoapImage

Lavender and Rose Owl Soap