Inspired By: Polarizing Purple

One of my friends has settled on an eggplant and gray color palette for her new bedroom decor. She asked me if I could do an inspiration post on purple. It is the perfect color for the fall, and it seems appropriate for this post to come at this time. Purple can be a polarizing color. You either love it or hate it. It is a difficult color to work with. Too much and your space looks like it was inspired by a Liberace outfit, but the right amount can give it glamour and sophistication.


The rich purple works on these cabinets since the rest of the color scheme was kept neutral. Source Unknown

The purple bench works as an accent in a primarily neutral color scheme. The focal point here is the Moroccan door headboard. Metallic lamps and bedstands complement the sleek legs of the bench perfectly, providing cohesion to the mix of modern lines and rustic wood. Source51b583e5fb04d63d210004a0._w.540_s.fit_Here we can see purple mixed in with pops of color. The grayish purple on the wall works as a neutral here instead of as a bold color. The yellows, reds, pinks, blues, and purples here remind me of a sunset inspired color scheme. Source

51afb73574c5b60f8f0005d5._w.540_s.fit_The lavender makes the  space soft and feminine. Elegant gold and carved details provide glamorous touches to complement the pastel wall. Source


The muted grays and purples paired with wood furniture and architectural details create a rustic feel to this bedroom. The minimal wall decor makes the colors in the room the focal point. Source51bc920bdbd0cb1f92000e5b._w.540_s.fit_My favorite of the lot. the contrast of the white molding and accents against the grayish purple draws the eye to the architecture of the space. Source

hgtv audreyGoing bold isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The fuchsia adds modern glamour to the space without being overdone. Source Unknown

purple-slateThe slate and purple combination creates a sophisticated moody space complemented by the pops of yellow. Source unknown.

Purple-Paint-Interior-dining_room_wallSuch a calming dining space. Elegant and dramatic. Source

purple paint on walls bhg

Again, notice the moldings of the mirror and architecture stand out against the contrast of purple. The white provides femininity against the modern lines of purple. Source

3 thoughts on “Inspired By: Polarizing Purple

  1. Purple has recently become one of my go to colors! I love it. I want to incorporate that color in my new home but not sure how my husband will feel about it…

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