Skin Deep

“Women everywhere should take heart. There is no sell-by date on the interestingness of a profile or the depth of someone’s eyes.”

— Andrew O’Hagen

Last week I discovered my first gray hair. I spent the subsequent hours combing through my head to find any other hidden silvers so that I may trim them so close to my scalp that no one would see them. Yesterday I came across Laws of Attraction by Andrew O’Hagen in T Magazine. This beautifully written piece explores the concept of beauty and aging. In a world where beauty is defined by a spotless complexion, tight skin, and gray-less hair, this piece is a breath of fresh air. At 24, I look in the mirror every morning and examine the fine lines beneath my eyes, wondering if I should change my anti-wrinkle eye cream to prevent future unwanted developments. This piece seems to put all that into perspective. I hope this inspires you as much as it inspired me to look at beauty differently. Here’s to owning my gray hair. After all, I have earned them.


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