Sweaters and Skirts


(Source Unknown)

I fell in love with the sweater and skirt combination years ago when I saw the photo above. I was sifting through my files recently when I came across it again. It is such a perfect combination for the fall when you can still get by without full length pants but need a little extra warmth. Usually, I save my skirts for special occasions, but there is something so casually glamorous about the combination of skirts and sweaters. It makes skirts so much more versatile in day to day life. Inspired by the photographs below, I put together a few combinations of separates and accessories.

Maxi with cropped sweater(Inspiration Image Source)

1. pleated chiffon maxi skirt, 2. marc by marc jacobs cat’s eye sunglasses, 3. cropped knitted sweater,

A line with loose sweater

(Inspiration Image Source)

1. turning in tulle skirt, 2. merino tippi sweater 3. skinny mini asymmetrical necklace

Pencil skirt with sweatshirt

(Inspiration Image Source)

1. dazzling sequined lips sweatshirt, 2. black lightweight wool pencil skirt, 3. michael kors silvertone buckle bracelet

Leather skirt with thin sweater

(Inspiration Image Source)

1. mini skirt in leather, 2. sweet c’est la vie sweater, 3. leopard print haircalf clutch

Sequin skirt with Chunky knit

(Inspiration Image Source)

1. sequin mini skirt, boatneck cableknit sweater, elle shoulder bag

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