Inspired by: Doors



Many of our fairy tales begin with a door – the quintessential storybook cottage door. Bilbo Baggins’ round wooden door in the Shire, the dark ominous gates looming over Beauty at the entrance of the Beast’s castle, Alice’s hallway of doors, one of which will take her to Wonderland. These doors represent the start of another world, the portal to an adventure, and the barrier between the known and the unknown.

Doors are one of the easily overlooked details of our lives. They are everywhere, and each one tells a story. It was difficult to pick my favorites, but here are a few of my picks for architecturally and aesthetically beautiful doors:


Note how the layered arches above the rustic door create height (Source)


I love the details on the doorknob and its placement in the center of the door (Source)


Such a a small door with so much impact! The bright colors are a perfect foil to the concrete. Porta Amarela Yellow Door in Portugal (Source)

Art noveau door in Brussels

The play on shapes by combining the traditional rectangular door with a circular window makes this Art Noveau door visually interesting. In Brussels, Belgium (Source)

City Palace Jaipur

The contrast of the gold against the vibrant green, the layered arches, and the intricate geometric inlays, provide depth and an undeniable visual of wealth and opulence to this Jaipur City Palace door (Source)


The bubblegum pink color of this entrance had me at first glance (Source)


A door within a door? Brilliant. And look at those colors with the unique lines of the architecture. In Trinidad, Cuba (Source)


The vase-like shape accentuated by the brilliant red color of this door in Hutong, Beijing, China is a winning combination (Source)

Moroccan door

Such a beautiful and colorful motif on a door in Morocco (Source)609b0d6517d642265e5b902fc63b9bbbThe tapered shape of this door makes brilliant use of the limited width of the structure. In Spain (Source)

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