DIY mustache and lip on a stick


In continuing with the DIY recipes and projects from the bridal shower featured last week here, here is a tutorial on how to make your very own mustaches and lips on sticks as fun photo props.

For this project you will need craft foam in black and red, dowel rods, scissors, tag board (or some type of thick paper. I used a paint chip), a pen, and super glue (or a hot glue gun).


I started by sketching out different types of mustaches and lips on the paint chip. I quickly realized the easiest way for me to make symmetrical drawings was to draw half a mustache or lip, fold the paint chip, cut, and unfold.



I used the paint chip cut outs as tracing templates to transfer the mustache and lip drawings onto the black and red foam respectively.


Cut out the foam.


Lastly, super glue the top part of the dowel rod to one side of the foam cut outs, and wait for them to dry. I glued mine on the right side of the foam cut out, so that when dried I could hold the sticks in my left hand.


Take silly pictures and enjoy.

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