Last Minute Sandwiches


Yesterday, in the middle of an intense study session, my fiance and I both agreed it was time for a dinner break. I opened the fridge, hoping some leftovers would magically appear. Unfortunately, they did not. I decided then to whip up some tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I did not have the pepper jack cheese which is usually my grilled cheese staple. Instead I had a small slice of brie, a slice of Spanish manchego, and a tiny piece of aged gouda. So, as a variation of the traditional grilled cheese, I made grilled brie sandwiches and a manchego-fig sandwich once the brie ran out.


Grilled Brie Sandwich made with brie, fig jam, and strawberries


Grilled Manchego sandwich with fig jam

If I were to do this again, I would switch out the fig jam in the brie sandwich for something spicier, like a jalapeno jelly, to balance out the sweetness of the strawberry and add some greens (spinach or kale) for some crunch.

In the Manchego sandwich, the fig jam worked much better to balance the nuttiness of the manchego. However, I would add some caramelized onions for some substance.

Happy Grilling!

One thought on “Last Minute Sandwiches

  1. Yumm…strawberries and brie! I wish I had things like that just lying around in my fridge so I can make last minute sandwiches.

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