Inspired by: Scandinavia

The land that gave us Ikea, Scandinavia, is a great place to look for decor inspiration. Characterized by clean lines, neutral shades, warm layered textiles, geometric details, and uncluttered simplicity, who wouldn’t feel at peace in rooms like these? The Scandinavian style allows for plenty of brightness without the darkness that many wood tones tend to bring – perfect for happy calm rooms. In addition to Ikea, stores like Target, Scandinavian Design, West Elm, and even flea markets are great places to look for mid-century and contemporary modern designs that complement the clean look of this style beautifully.

Inspired-by-Scandinavia-1The white and gray color scheme brings openness to this living room. The modern light fixture provides a foil to the soft, romantic textiles. Also, note the details in the vignette along the shelf. (Source: Nordic Design)


The sharp lines of the geometric light fixture complement the metal hairpin legs of the chairs. The wood and hemp details keep the space from looking too severe. (Source: Bloomingville) 


The three black and white prints on the large wall make more of an impact in their simplicity than an entire gallery wall often does. (Source: Digsdigs)


Scandinavian style does not necessarily imply only black, white, and gray. The pops of color force the eye to travel through all the shelves and note their elegant modern details. (Source: Bloomingville)


This is a beautiful example of the use of texture of fur, hemp, and wood. (Source: Bloomingville)


Sharp lines. Earth tones. Sheepskin. Simplicity. (Source: Bloomingville)


A close up of details (Source: Bloomingville)


Note the geometry of the designs on the pillows, duvet cover, and wall design. (Source: Bungalow5)


Note the way a pop of color can break up the space. Also, even with a monochromatic scheme, the gallery wall is anything but boring. (Source: Bloomingville)


The mid-century desk with a little bit of greenery and the patterned cups in the shelf bring a warmth and provide interest to this nook. (Source: Apartment Therapy)


The room doesn’t need to be all white. I love how the wood creates a relaxed, down-to-earth warmth. The naturalness of the room is perfect for a serene bedroom. (Source: Nordicasa )


Happy and bright. The color really makes in impact in this stark white space. (Source: Apartment Therapy )


The contemporary Eames chairs are the focus here. Note the shape of the chair legs and the complementary triangle angles of the shelves. (Source: Emma Louise Layla )

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