Inspired by: India

When we look for inspiration, we inevitably find ourselves turning to the unique styles of cultures and countries around the world. With this in mind, I have decided to start an “Inspired by” feature which will highlight the styles, foods, or traditions of different cultures that inspire me. I decided to start with a country close to my heart that very much influences my day to day food, style, and decor choices.

In the past few years, Indian styles have made their way into mainstream home decor. Brands like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and World Market carry many products heavily influenced by and made in India.  Paisley, intricate wood and bone carvings, peacock feather motifs, bold colors, rich fabrics and block prints are a few distinctive features of the Indian style, rooted in its rich history dating back to the Mughal period of the early 1500s. The jewel tones mixed with bold patterns can easily go wrong in small spaces, but somehow the earthy tones ground the richness of the fabrics and furniture.


The center ottoman takes the stage with bold colors and strong layered patterns. The wall pattern on either side of the painting draws the eye upward in this opulent living room designed by Jay of Jeffers Design Group. (Source Unknown)

17-4276~Drawing-Room-of-a-New-Build-Residence-New-Delhi-India-Posters[1]John Henry Claude Wilson

Here we see floral and paisley motifs scattered on the pillows, throws, and side tablecloths. (Source unknown)


Note the intricately carved wooden door and ivory carvings in the frames above the bed and mirrors. The raised mud enclaves above the bed and thatch roof provide an earthy feel juxtaposed by the fuchsia pillows. (Source unknown)


The bed and side table take the stage here. The dark bed linens add to the richness of the bedroom. (Source unknown)

indian summer 7prima testo

Layering fabrics is an art Indian interiors have mastered. (Source unknown)


The recurring paisley motif on the wall could easily make the space look too busy. However, the uniform color scheme of earthen tones draw the eye to the beautiful details on each element of the room instead of the colors themselves. (Source unknown)


This is my favorite. Note the layered rugs and the beautifully carved and painted fixtures in this room. (Source unknown)

In addition to stores like Pier 1, World Market, and Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters, Jaypore is an online store which brings its members products from artisans and craftsmen all over India. They carry and inventory of exclusively Indian textiles, home accessories, art, and apparel which changes monthly. Most chain home stores now also carry India inspired home accessories.

2 thoughts on “Inspired by: India

  1. It is sometimes hard to appreciate these unless someone walks you through the unique melding of shapes, colors, motifs and arrangements – well done!

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