Summer Reading


Domino, Flea Market Style, Decorate, Details

Reels became videos, videos became DVDs, and DVDs became Blu-rays but books, books never go out of style. There is something charming about holding a big color-studded design book and flipping through its glossy, too-perfect-to-be-true pages. As summer turned the corner, I retired my physiology books for lighter reading. I went on an Amazon book binge and purchased four recommended interior design titles.

Domino was my favorite of the lot. For those of you who are fans of the magazine by the same name, the book has maintained the format from the magazines. It takes you through the step-by-step process of designing your space starting from creating inspiration boards all the way through a room by room breakdown of design ideas. The end of the book has a handy dandy guide on design resources. If it was small enough to fit in my pocket, I would take it everywhere. I still might…too bad I don’t have Mary Poppins’ bag.

Flea Market Style is the most different of the four. Recently, I have discovered the magic of thrift shops (cue me singing Macklemore) and flea markets thanks to the blog of the amazing Emily Henderson whose style I absolutely adore. The inspiring vignettes are fantastic for inspiring flea market adventures. Although, last time I went to the flea market with my fiance, we came back with a puppy and no home decor items (did you know they sell puppies at flea markets? Too much cuteness had me distracted). I suppose I should read this book again to make sure I don’t become a crazy dog lady.

Decorate is a design staple written by Holly Becker of Decor8. This is a great book to flip through for some beautiful spaces. I treat this more as a picture book for inspiration.

Details focuses more on the small things that make a space what it is. Color, accessories, texture, etc. The beautiful cover had me hooked. It really was love at first sight.

Here are a few other design books that I have been coveting:


1. The Perfectly Imperfect Home, 2. 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life, 3. Design Sponge at Home 4. Living Modern

And as someone who loves to travel, there are so many wonderful international interior design books out there. The rich cultural influences in each of these books make me want to pack my suitcase and hop onto a plane, or maybe stowaway in someone’s suitcase. The latter may be a more feasible option for my poor student self. Regardless, here are a few of my picks. If I could, I would have every single one of the Taschen Living in series:


1. Marrakesh by Design, 2. Indian interiors, 3. Living in Mexico and the rest of the Living in series, 4. The Villas & Riads of Morocco

Such beautiful books. I want to read them all! Inspired for some summer reading?

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